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The First UNFCCC-Verified Carbon Credits

Not all voluntary carbon credits are created equal. Blackstone has partnered with to offer companies the highest quality offsets, previously only available to sovereign nations. Click here to read the press release forest-based carbon credits are unique in that they:

  • are Paris Agreement aligned
  • generate results through strict, UNFCCC-validated accreditation criteria using the REDD+ mechanism
  • feature a powerful net atmospheric impact calculation which accounts for a nation’s net forest preservation and loss, unlike traditional forest protection offsets

With the expectation that companies will soon face reduction mandates, Blackstone recognizes that not all of your GHG emissions can be eliminated on a short-term basis. Our carbon credits are sourced from the platform to offer nature-based solutions that preserve the earth’s irreplaceable tropical forests while allowing you to offset emissions on your journey to net-zero. Mature rainforests provide an invaluable carbon sink asset (carbon sequestration) that benefits the entire globe, which humankind cannot afford to diminish.

We are also partners of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), an international initiative to share and expand the evidence base for effective carbon pricing systems and policies.

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Blackstone is an energy management company that serves to deliver purposeful change for its clients by guiding large businesses, municipalities and hospitals on their journey to net-zero consumption.

Since 2003, we have been helping our clients save, sustain and thrive by developing custom energy management solutions for efficiency and cost improvement, renewable generation and carbon offsetting.


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