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Navigating the complex energy landscape of today (and tomorrow) to take you on a profitable journey to net-zero carbon.

We start by working with you to identify your organization’s energy challenges and opportunities. Then we build a customized, integrated energy management plan designed to deliver real-world solutions that bring you lower costs and lower carbon emissions.

Our team effectively serves as your “Department of Energy Management”, using our collective knowledge to take on administrative burdens so you can focus on the parts of your business that you know best. Our experts can bring clarity, control and insight to your complex energy projects and budgets.

If you already have your own in-house energy management staff but are looking for additional “bench strength” to complement the team (for example, help with reporting or project management), we can do that too. Just let us know and we’ll present a plan tailored for your specific goals and needs, including options that involve working in tandem with other vendors as needed.

Manage, Conserve and Generate your energy with our advanced suite of services and products.

To help our clients save, sustain and thrive, we offer 18 different but interconnected services. That’s a lot.

So to make things simple, we’ve organized our service offerings into three primary categories: we help our clients Manage, Conserve and Generate energy.


Drive savings, budget certainty and carbon compliance through a suite of integrated management services.


Use less energy and emit less carbon with actionable strategies that are purpose-built for your organization.


Build resilience and reduce risk with turn-key energy generation solutions.

Cross-sector expertise that delivers custom solutions across the entire energy value chain.

Simply put, other companies don’t do the same thing.

What’s the Blackstone difference? Our roster is made up of commodities specialists, project managers, risk professionals, engineers, accounting and finance experts, sustainability building technology masters, economists, strategists and more.

Having that level of versatility under one roof gives us the capability to fast-track your sustainability goals with value-driven energy management solutions. We leverage our cross-sector expertise to provide advice, services and strategies that can deliver reduced energy costs, budget security and decarbonization solutions.

Rather than just focusing on just one or two aspects of your energy management, we can bring significant, integrated benefits to your organization across the full value chain and ensure any interdependencies between them are appropriately managed.

Experienced, connected subject matter experts with the capability and expertise to find answers for any problem from every possible angle.

Blackstone’s team is made up of:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Certified Engineering Technologists
  • Certified Energy Managers
  • Project Management Professionals
  • Certified Measurement Verification Professionals
  • Certified Demand Side Managers
  • LEED AP Building Construction & Operation
  • LEED Green Associates
  • MBAs
  • Data Scientists
  • Full Stack Software Developers, Computer and Software Engineers
  • Certified RETScreen Experts
  • Renewables Experts
  • Economists
  • Sustainability Managers
  • Certified Ambassador for UN Sustainable Development Goals and their Implementation
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Automation and Controls Technicians
  • Certified Building Commissioning Professionals

You can meet our leadership team here.

We also bring a wealth of industry connections and memberships. These relationships allow us to keep our collective finger on the pulse of what’s happening right now and what’s going to be happening in the future.

Blackstone is a member of:

  • The IESO’s Information Technology Standing Committee
  • The Energy Services Association of Canada
  • The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters – Energy Committee
  • Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (national and provincial membership)
  • The Ontario Energy Association
  • Energy Services Association of Canada
  • Barbados Renewable Energy Association
  • Electric Mobility Canada
  • Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC)
  • Founding Member of the largest XPRIZE to-date: Global Carbon Reduction
  • Blackstone was the only Canadian corporation to attend the COP22 United Nations Climate Change Conference with the official Canadian delegate.

Our vision is to take all of our clients to net-zero emissions by 2050.

This vision was inspired by the Paris Agreement, but it also comes from our own unrelenting push for carbon neutrality while being our clients’ trusted advisors in the built environment.

We’re taking decisive, meaningful action for both people and the planet, and our work is proof that sustainability and profit do not have to be mutually exclusive. What’s good for the planet can also be good for your bottom line, and we’re working towards a better world for our clients, teammates, partners and children.

We serve large energy users in both public and private sectors.

Blackstone works with clients from a variety of industries across 12,000+ sites in North America and the Caribbean. Our clients include public sector entities such as hospitals, universities and colleges, municipalities, and large private businesses in the real estate investment trust, industrial, telco, commercial, retail and banking industries. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to share specific case studies, references and testimonials. To get you started, here’s a project we worked on for Conestoga College to reduce outdated energy systems, lower their carbon footprint, meet their carbon reduction ambitions and reduce their costs.

We have almost two decades of successfully reducing costs and emissions for our clients.

Blackstone currently has $3.1 billion in energy assets under management. We have saved our clients over $200 million in avoided costs, and that’s one reason why we have a greater than 90% client retention rate since our inception in 2003. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to share specific case studies, references and testimonials.

Removing barriers to accessibility.

Blackstone is committed to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities, and to meeting the requirements of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), offering equal opportunity to access our services and facilities by identifying and removing barriers to accessibility. As such, we aim to ensure that our website meets AODA standards, but certain content may still be inaccessible to some visitors at this time. We continue actively working to remedy this and we welcome feedback during the process. If you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to contact us at info@blackstoneenergy.com and a Blackstone representative will be in touch. You can read our accessibility policy here.

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Want to talk lower costs and managed emissions?

Want to talk lower costs and managed emissions?