One day our
EV chargers
will pay you.

We’ve installed some of the first bi-directional chargers in the province.

While they’re not ready to use just yet, we’re working with our host partners to test the ability to charge up or sell the power from your car battery back to buildings during peak electricity hours.

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Coming soon to the Google Play
and Apple Store.

Charge up or sell your
power back to us.

Here’s how it’ll work:


Reserve your spot through our app.


During peak hours, earn money for the power from your electric vehicle battery.


When not discharging you can charge super-fast using Level 3 charging.

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Battery Management System

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Working in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, we’re testing the vehicle-to-grid concept so that one day, a buy and sell platform between EV drivers and facilities can be rolled out across the province. One where you can get paid for sharing the power in your car’s battery with the facility you’re parked at, during peak electricity usage times.

in partnership with natural resources canada

Help create the new future
of EV charging.

If you are a Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi Outlander driver and are interested in being part of our test group, sign up here and we’ll contact you to tell you more about this exciting project.

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Three fully-charged Nissan Leaf batteries could supply enough power to run a typical Ontario household for over 6 days.

Want to talk lower costs and managed emissions?

Visit our bi-directional test chargers across Ontario.

Visit our demonstration chargers at 3 host sites at Fanshawe College, Brock University and Georgian College and see what the future of EV charging looks like.

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