Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electrified transportation demand is increasing rapidly in Canada. Meet the demands of your staff, customers and community with end-to-end EV infrastructure solutions from Blackstone, and contribute to a reduced carbon footprint at your facility.

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Transportation accounts for 25% of Canada’s GHG emissions, and as much as half of that comes from passenger cars and light trucks. Electrifying your fleet is a powerful way to drive greater sustainability – as long as you have the right infrastructure solution in place.

That’s where Blackstone comes in. Our EV team is there for you well before the first plug-in with incentives and funding application support, professional system design, cost impact studies, recovery analysis and tools for integrating and implementing EV-charging infrastructure and systems at your facility.

We are also pioneering and perfecting vehicle-to-grid (V2G) infrastructure and user experience. This allows your facilities to tap into a new power source so you don’t have to purchase additional electricity from the grid during peak demand (and when it is dirtiest). V2G helps you reduce your operating costs while meeting your carbon reductions goals by making use of the batteries in vehicles in your parking lots.





  • Incentives & Funding
  • Planning, Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • Monitoring & Customer Support
  • Long-Term Infrastructure Planning
  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

Experience matters: Hundreds of ports and counting.

We’ve developed, engineered and installed Level 1, 2 and 3 EV chargers for many public and private sector clients. Our track record in securing government grants and incentives is unparalleled.


Feasibility Studies

Establish your energy usage baseline to more confidently reduce consumption and manage carbon.

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Sustainability & Carbon Strategy

Build a detailed roadmap for limiting your net environmental impact while maintaining first-class services.

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Energy Infrastructure Improvements

Turn your energy and financial challenges into cost-avoidance and GHG reduction opportunities.

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Incentives & Funding

Tap into the growing number of incentive programs that make sustainability more affordable.

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Demand Management

Boost your bottom line – and take pressure off the grid – by optimizing how you use energy.

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