Demand Management

Leverage our expertise to understand how you can manage electricity load and optimize your costs. Our proven tools and technologies can create energy resiliency and cost assurances for your business.

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Peak Predictor

Proactively reduce peak demand and avoid electricity cost premiums.

A growing number of ICI-eligible businesses in Ontario use our Peak Predictor service to save on Global Adjustment charges by reducing electricity consumption during critical demand periods.

Peak Predictor determines your eligibility for the program and gives you a detailed analysis of estimated savings. It also provides timely intra-day demand alerts, so you have ample time to prepare for curtailment activities while generating significant avoided costs.


Battery Storage

Unlock the potential of on-site electricity storage.

Battery storage technology is a powerful solution for managing the gaps between energy demands and production. A Blackstone battery storage solution makes it possible for you to store low-cost power and utilize it at peak demand periods for a more stable supply, improved resilience and lower costs.


Feasibility Studies

Establish your energy usage baseline to more confidently reduce consumption and manage carbon.

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Sustainability & Carbon Strategy

Build a detailed roadmap for limiting your net environmental impact while maintaining first-class services.

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Energy Infrastructure Improvements

Turn your energy and financial challenges into cost and carbon savings opportunities.

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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Accelerate your EV goals with comprehensive infrastructure and charging solutions.

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Incentives & Funding

Tap into the growing number of government programs and investors focused on making conservation more achievable.

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