Carbon Compliance & Credits

While the new low-carbon future may pose challenges, it also presents a myriad of opportunities – if you have a partner that knows how to capture them.

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Let’s start by acknowledging the obvious: the carbon landscape is complicated and changing rapidly. Yes, you could spend your time buried in policy, but a rapidly shifting environment requires a big-picture plan.

That’s where Blackstone can help. Our advisors have in-depth knowledge of carbon management, including both mandated compliance requirements and voluntary reduction tools, so we can build a customized strategy that plots your course through all the carbon complexity.

Streamlined Reporting

Drive efficiency and save time with simplified reporting processes

Reliable Tracking

Stay on top of regulatory changes as they happen

Opportunity Assessment

Discover new ways to improve your low-carbon efforts


Power both immediate and long-term impacts.

Carbon credits are a critical tool for reducing GHG emissions as they protect crucial carbon-sequestration assets today. Our experience in the voluntary carbon markets ensures you can diversify your portfolio and procure the highest-quality credits..

One quality example are credits offered through which provide the kind of verifiable quality and integrity that was previously only available to sovereign nations. Buying REDD+ Result Units™ lets you pay for emissions you can’t reduce while supporting developing nations that preserve their rainforests, one of the world’s most critical carbon sequestration assets


Our unbiased advisors can review and strategize the right credits for your portfolio and organizational mandates. We procure credits through other leading-edge GHG programs, including Verra, Climate Action Reserve and American Carbon Registry.


In addition, we are proud participants in the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), an international initiative to share and expand evidence for effective carbon pricing systems and policies.


Budget & Risk Management

Anticipate energy market changes and mitigate any impacts to your budget.

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Commodity Strategy & Procurement

Profit from an agile, effective procurement execution that uses only best-in-class suppliers.

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Green Supply Options

Accelerate your sustainability efforts by making the switch to lower-impact alternatives.

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Utility Contract Obligation

Optimize your utility commitments with our hands-on monitoring approach.

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Utility Bill Management

Leverage validated source data for better budgets and sustainability reporting.

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Storage & Transportation

Safeguard your budget with strategies that eradicate balancing penalties and supply interruptions.

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Energy Management Systems

Make smarter decisions with BlackPAC™, our cloud-based, enterprise-wide data management solution.

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