Corporate Accountability


Blackstone takes the responsibility of good corporate citizenship seriously. Our corporate accountability is founded on integrity, strong business ethics and good governance.

We know that our success and resiliency are dependent on the welfare and prosperity of society, including our teammates, clients and partners. It also hinges on ensuring the well-being of our planet by doing our part to combat climate change effects.

We have established three focus areas, embedded across all Blackstone companies:


With a vision to take all of our clients to net-zero, it is a corporate imperative for us to fight climate change by reducing our own emissions

Some examples of our actions:

  • purchasing UN-recognized carbon credits to offset our historical carbon emissions dating back to our inception (2003), by end of fiscal 2021
  • retrofitting our office facilities to LED lighting
  • installing a Circuit Meter electricity monitoring system at our corporate HQ to understand how we can reduce our consumption
  • utilizing fully electric shared company vehicles
  • providing options for clients to procure Blackstone studies delivered with net-zero impact
  • representing our clients on the CPLC to help establish a global cost of carbon
  • adopting an internal cost of carbon of $50/tn to apply to future carbon reduction and conservation efforts at the company


We are steadfastly committed to reducing our environmental footprint. The importance of our individual influence means ensuring our everyday actions take our impacts into consideration. That’s why we embed practices for sustainable procurement and waste diversion at the core of our office operations.

Some examples of our actions:

  • sustainably sourcing office supplies, including FSC-certified paper products
  • establishing an in-office green bin waste diversion program
  • reducing usage of single-use plastics by procuring compostable and recyclable serving supplies when required
  • establishing an on-premise and external event "refill and reuse" water policy
  • sustainably sourcing cleaning and sanitization products

People and Community

Creating good energy has no bounds. Whether we’re interacting with clients, teammates or our community, we know it’s vital to drive investment in people. We will advance respect for human equality by building and developing diverse and inclusive workplaces, and by promoting shared abundance and advantage in the local communities where we live and work.

Some examples of our actions:

  • embedding recruitment, retention and advancement practices and policies that endeavour to eliminate obstacles and ensure equality of opportunity
  • aspiring to increase our female staff composition (including internship and leadership roles) 25% across all departments, with a focus on STEM positions
  • supporting charitable causes that nurture and care for our communities including healthcare and quality of life, food security, protecting and safeguarding our planet, and promoting the economic empowerment of small business and entrepreneurs, including those owned by marginalized groups

Blackstone is an energy management company that serves to deliver purposeful change for its clients by guiding large businesses, municipalities and hospitals on their journey to net-zero consumption.

Since 2003, we have been helping our clients save, sustain and thrive by developing custom energy management solutions for efficiency and cost improvement, renewable generation and carbon offsetting.


Corporate Headquarters

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